It is our pleasure to create a Unique Menu tailored perfectly for your taste, budget and event. Our Special In-house Catering Event Planners start by consulting with you in-person or over the phone about your vision and ideas, drawing inspiration from your favorite foods and restaurants, event goals, and personality. Once your in-house Catering Event Planner understands your personal goals, tastes, and parameters, they create a Custom Proposal for your special event. When you’ve agreed to move forward with The Red Gill Bistro Catering and placed your small deposit to hold the date, the real excitement begins!

Full-service event menus are confirmed through a Private Tasting with our chef and your Special In-house Catering Event Planner. The tasting is an opportunity to preview selections from your event menu and share your preferences. We believe private tastings are essential to providing you with the best service and experience. On event day, you will be relaxed and confident that your guests will receive impeccable service and restaurant-quality cuisine!

Creative Cuisine

We offer a variety of gourmet cuisine including continental, American, ethnic, vegetarian, and vegan, and can accommodate any dietary restrictions with style! The presentation is a priority for our chefs and we take great care to select vessels and plate ware that inspire. Fresh, restaurant-inspired cuisine is our passion and it’s our goal to bring creative food to the forefront of each event.

Superior Service

No matter what shape your event takes, we can do it all. Served meals, chef bars, buffets and passed service are our specialty. Our team is well-trained, experienced and passionate about perfecting your celebration! Quality cuisine is the star, and excellent service is the spotlight that allows it to shine.
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